First, check your Today or Home screen to see if your device is a Windows Mobile device?  Does your device have the Windows logo on the Today or Home screen?


If you see the Windows logo, then you do have a Windows Mobile device.  If you have a device that does not run Windows Mobile (like a Blackberry,Tungston,Palm) then the software is not compatible with your device.

Next, does your device have a stylus/touch screen?  If your device does not have a touch screen it is not compatible with the software.  If your device has a touch screen, then it is a Pocket PC device. 

Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices:

Which Pocket PC do I have?

  • Please run Start > Settings > System > About to check the Windows version.
  • Pocket PC 2000: Windows CE 3.0 (Build under 10.000)
  • Pocket PC 2002: Windows CE 3.0 (Build over 10.000)
  • Pocket PC 2003: Microsoft Pocket PC Version 4.20
  • Pocket PC 2003 SE (Second Edition): Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 4.21 or higher
  • Pocket PC WM 5: Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.1
  • Pocket PC WM 6: Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.2
  • Screen: 240x320, 480x640 (VGA), 320x240, 320x320, 480x480, 640x640...

If you see Windows Mobile Version 5.0 (as shown above) then you need the Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC version. 

If you see "Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition" or "Microsoft Pocket PC Version 4.20" (followed by a decimal and some other numbers), then your device has Windows Mobile 2003 and you need the Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC version.

If you see "Microsoft Pocket PC Version 3.0" (followed by a decimal and some other numbers)    then your device has Windows Mobile 2002 and you need the Windows Mobile 2002 Pocket PC version.

Our titles will be incompatible with any Pocket PC 2000 or older.

Pocket Timer Suite includes  BOTH  Pocket Team Timer which runs on the Pocket PC Handheld AND Team Timer Office which is the desktop reporting and data support program.

Team Timer Office will run on all PC's running Windows 98 se and better.

If you are running an older operating system and need a non . NET  Framework version,  we have a Pocket Team Timer Version available, unfortunately the Team Timer Office will not be compatible with older sytems.   You will need   non.net PTT

If you  were notified to install just a Team Timer Office update, you need TTOffice ONLY.

If you were notified to install just a Pocket Team Timer update, you need PTT ONLY