Pocket Team Timer, Stopwatch and Lap Timer


Includes Pocket Team Timer and Team Timer Office
( $80.00 - Click HERE for free TRIAL)

  • Records Split and Lap Times for an unlimited number of Runners
  • Easy Setup and Use
  • Resullts are available after each race.
  • Automatically downloads Data to your PC
  • Makes timing Multi-Runner events easy and FUN.
  • One person can now do the work of  4
  • Saves Times and Saves Time
  • Timing is as Easy as Tapping a Runners Name
  • TEAM TIMER OFFICE is a free ADD-ON and shipped with each Pocket Team Timer program.

    Team Timer Office provides quick and easy reports and stats for all Meets,Races and Runners

    • Fully Editable
    • Saves in XLS,CSV,HTML
    • Printed reports in 5 minutes.
    • Provides access to all meets, events and runners
    • Full Desktop setup before the meet.
    • Import Rosters from other Team Managment Programs.
    • Full Stats for Team and Individuals.

PTT Flash Demo

Pocket PC Timers and Coaching Aids Compare POCKET TEAM TIMER to the Seiko Stopwatch Printer Coaching and Timing on the Pocket pC
  Cost Separate Timers Exports to PC Digital Requires paper and batteries Size
PocketTeamTimer $89.95 Unlimted YES YES NO Just right
Seiko Stopwatch $347 1 NO YES YES Too Big

POCKET TEAM TIMER is a unique and Powerful Coaching Tool.  Because of the limited screen size of the Pocket PC, many features and functions are nested in context and menu bar commands.  Mastering this program requires some review and experimentation time.  Please review these instructions carefully. 
We also are providing Printer Friendly versions and a complete Help file on the handheld.   Additional help files can be found under SUPPORT and on the DEVICE:  Start/Help/PTT.
In addition we also provide free unlimited email support and can provide free phone support.  If you require this, contact us via email and we will arrange the call.
This program may at first appear too complicated to tackle.  Trust us, be Patient.  We have designed this with careful consideration of our High School and Collegiate Coach Testers.  They are very excited about this product.  The features, designs and functions have been  created based on their feedback, requests and needs.
It saves many man hours of field timing and Many, Many hours of AFTER Meet Reporting.
Imagine one person recording the laps and splits of 15 runners, no need for 5 stopwatches, 4 helpers, a fast pencil, wet notebooks! 
Imagine going home after a meet, plugging in you Device to your Home PC., and in 5 minutes having all the race data at your fingertips.  Stats, Data, Reports to bring to practice the next day..  What used to take 3 hours now takes 30 minutes.
You will soon wonder how you ever got along the old way!
AND,  we are just finishing up a Back Office APP which will automate things even more and trim the time to 5 minutes.   PTT Desktop will be a FREE upgrade for all users.   BE PATIENT, IT IS WORTH THE TIME.

Step through SETUP and a RACE

Lap and SPlit Times Stopwatch

The MEET Screen

Start Pocket Team Timer on Your Pocket PC.
The Meet Selection screen will come up.
You can select an exising meet or add a new one.
The list is sorted by Date by tapping the Titlle Bar.

Selecting NEW will bring up a screen to create and add a new Meet.

All Data entered on the Pocket PC can be created, edited or updated on the desktop or the PPC.

Multi Runner Timers

Add a Meet

Just enter the Meet name and location using the PPC Keyboard.
Enter the Meet date.
Enter OK and the new Meet is added to the Meet Screen.

Selecting NEW from this screen will enable Events to be created and added.

Pocket PC and Pocket Team Timer

Add an EVENT

Enter Race names and chose lengths.
Race names should have no spaces.
The Race lengths can be chosen from the list or created by user.
Laps are filled in automatically or can be changed by user.
The timer can be left for MM:SS or set to MM:SS.s by selecting the 1/10 box.
Lap lockout should be set to default, this will prevent a repeat time entry before 3 sec. goes buy.
The time can be lengthened or shortened by changing this number.
This prevents accidental double entry.
The class is user selected and links to the ENTRANT class.
M for Male
F for Female
MIXED for Both
           Other selection criteria could be added
You can contol runner selection this way.
This race is set to M for Male. Female,mixed,freshman, etc are some choices

Selecting ENTRIES will enable Runners to be entered.

All Events added at this screen will be available for all MEETS. You create just one Data list for the entire years schedule.

Running,Timing,Laps,Splits.  Track Timer


Simply add entrants to each header using the PPC Keyboard.
Grade,Class and ID are all user selected.
The Class header is used to create selection criteria when loading races.
M for Male
F for Female
MIXED for both
    Other selection criteria could be added

Selecting ADD after details are created will store the data.

Stopwatch for Track

Add ENTRANTS to Races

Runners are easily added to each race, simply by clicking on the Left Table.
Runners can be removed from races by Clicking on the Right Table.

Selecting and holding on the names brings up menus to Remove, Delete or Edit details.

Selecting NEW will enable Runners to be added.

Runner Order at the RACE screen is contolled by Runner Order  here. 
Enter the runners in the Order  you want  in the race, in the same Order  in the Right Table.

Data set up here will apply for each specific race only. Each race can have it's own contestant list. All Runners will be available for all EVENTS in all MEETS.


All data is stored in PTT.cdb found at My Documents/ on the PPC. This file can be transfered to the desktop, opened in any database program and added to, modiified or changed using a real keyboard. It is even possible to create the entire file on the desktop and transfer to the PPC. Meets, Races and Runners can be created and loaded the night before, transfered to the PPC and be available on race day for last minute changes or updates.

NOW for the RACE
Coaching the Track Runner


Select the Meet
Remember the screen can be sorted by Date, simply hit the DATE title bar.

Middle Distance Track Team, Times, Record SPlits

Select the Races (EVENTS)

Click on Left box to Add to Meet
Click on Right Box to Run.

Coaching the High School track team

The Race Screen

The race comes up, Entrants are preloaded.
Changes can be made by selecting Event/Entrant menu

START the Race

Timing can be started in any of three ways:
   Select the Start button.
   Press the Record Button
   Press Button #1 (Calendar on Ipaq)

The record and #1 start is only active at the start of the race. After 20 sec they activate the CAPTURED TIMES feature.

Pocket Team Timer, Stopwatch, Sports

TIMING the Race

Timing is simple.
Simply select the runner as they pass by the timing point.
Laps and Splits are recorded for each runner individually.

The race timng can end in 3 ways.
Select the STOP Button
As each runner completes his last lap, the running icon changes to red.
After all runner icons are red, the timer stops.

Results are automaticall saved.

Results are saved  on the Device. MY DOCUMENTS/PTT_Results. CDB. .

Results files are automatically uploaded to your desktop on AUTOSYNC. They can be found at My Documents/PTT/Import

ThePTT_ RESULTS.cdb file is saved on the Desktop with a DAte/Time Stamp and does not rewrite esisting files. 

This file is PTT_RESULTS.ptr.  The .ptr extension is read  by TEAM TIMER OFFICE.  You can open this file thru Access or another database program or you can rename the extension  to .mdb and Access will open  when you select it.

If you are brave or curious you can open this file and add runners, etc,  BUT TEAM TIMER OFFICE does it all for you.

When you sync your handheld with your PC, you will have a digital record of the race that includes the name of each athlete, each and every split time, the total time and the date of the race. It is so easy you will wonder how you ever lived without it. No more stopwatches, no more clipboards or blowing wet paper.

It is recomended that you delete the PTT_RESULTS.cdb file from your device at the end of each season, Start your Season with a fresh, empty data file.  This file becomes very large and can cause system slowdown or possible file corruption.
       If you experience any premature shut down, erratic behavior or very slow activity, delete this file.  This is a sign of a corrupted file.  The program will recreate it and you have your data saved from your last Sync.  You can also rename the file and save it on your device to retreave the most recent race data.

Record Laps,Splits,Final Times


So you are just done timing, 3 boys come up to you, "How did I do coach, What about lap 3?"
Simply select EVENT/Report from the race screen or TAP and HOLD the race listing from the Event screen.
Up comes the handy results screen.

Final Times. Laps and Splits for each runner is all there.
It takes just seconds and quickly allows you to select the next race

Ready to Time!

Special Features
Report track results, statistics, PR


In the case of a false start, simply

Stop the CLock by Hitting STOP

TAPand HOLD on the screen to activate the menu.

Select RESET.
The clock is reset and ready for a quick restart.

This feature is active for only 30 seconds after the START.
It is not available after a time has been recorded.

Running,mid-distance timers on the pocket pc


In the event that a runner is mistakenly selected,.

TAP and HOLD on the runner's name and a CONTEXT menu will come up.
Select CLEAR or ADVANCE to correct the time.
CLEAR will revert the time and lap to the last valid value.


Stopwatch and lap timer      Workouts for the 1600 meter

Display layout can be controlled by selecting VIEW/List,Column.

LIST will diplay in a list view.
Runners are listed down the screen and across in pages.
It is possible to scroll across the screen and see as many runners as required.
By loading the races from best to worst and using the Program SORT feature it is possible to keep track of as many runners as required.
This feature works well for X-country events.

SORT is activated by selecting the empty tab at the TOP LEFT screen or the Race Header.
Sort will bring the faster runners, by lap and time to the top and or toggle to the bottom.

COLUMN will create two columns of runners.
They can be toggled from fastest to slowest in each column.
By toggling the left column fast to slow and the right slow to fast, you can have access to timing both the fastest and slowest runners at the same time.
This feature is handy for Track events where the faster runners will lap the slowest and require timing at the same time.

The SORT feature also works here to readjust the runners throughout the race.


Coaching and recording 1600 times      Training for a distance runner      middle distance training and timing

Font size and attribute can be changed to allow more runners on the screen.

By making the fonts smaller it is possible to load and time larger races while minimizing scrolling.
Races with less runners can be adjusted to maximize visibilty by increasing font size.


Stopwatch, single or multi runner on a Pocket pc      Sports use of the Pocket pc      track and x-c timing on the pocket pc

There are times when way to many runners will come across the timing point at the same time. What can you do to get all the lap times.

Several technigues will help:
   Stacking the races beforehand by putting the best runners first and grouping runners by ability, will make recognition easier.
   Sorting often thru the race will help
   Get in the habit of looking Down the track to recognize runners and there place before they need to be timed.

It is possible to capture times quickly using the Record Time feature.

This feature is activated by pressing the RECORD button or Pressing Button #1 (calender on the IPAQ).
Each time the button is pressed a consecutive number will grow in the UPPER LEFT tab on the title bar.
If ten guys come by at once and you only can select 4 of them, hit the record button 6 times.
After the mess is passed, TAP on the Number.
The CAPTURED TIMES will be stored in that lap as SPARE.
It is then possible to go back after the race and assign the times to the runners missed based on your knowledge of them, their relative position in the race, etc.

This can be done manually or thru the RESOLVE LAPS feature.
This feature is activated from the RACE screen EVENT/RESOLVE LAPS or the EVENT Screen, TAP and HOLD/ RESOLVE LAPS.
Simply select a suspect runner. Highlight the errant lap time, selected from the list of captured times and select UPDATE
The lap and split time is corrected.


Stopwatch, single or multi runner on a Pocket pc,coaching aids,running gear      Sports use of the Pocket pc,Stopwatch on a Pocket PC      track and x-c timing on the pocket pc,running shoes, stats

There are times when you will want to time several teams in relays and medleys.

It is simple to use Pocket Team Timer to set ups these races.

When creating the Event , enter one more  number of laps than each leg will rinfor the race. 
The 4 x 400 will have 2 laps.
The 4 x 800 will have 3 laps.
The Distance Medley will have 5 laps(one more than the longest leg,1600m)

In the Entrants table add a new runner.  Use Space for the  First Name, leave the Last Name blank. Fill in all the other data as instructed earlier.
Create additional runners with First Name,  Space1,Space2, etc.

Load the runners to the race, the first 4 runners will be  the first relay team.
Load  the  5th runner as Space.  Load the next 4 runners and load Space2 as the 5th.
Continue till all relay teams are loaded.
The race screen will show Space,Space2,Space 3 as spaces. 
Now each group is separated.

Select RELAY from the Menu Bar. 
Selecting RELAY will turn off the autosort feature for this race. 
The Runners will stay in the place they ran in the  relay  and will not be sorted by time after the race is completed.

Run the race.
 Runner 1 is recorded at the end of each of his lap or laps.  His final lap is recorded when he hands off the baton.
Immediately after recording Runner 1's  last lap(at handoff)  ,Record Runner 2.
 Runner 2 is recorded at the end of each of his lap or laps.  His final lap is recorded when he hands off the baton.
Immediately after recording Runner 2's  last lap(at handoff)  ,Record Runner 3.
 Runner 3 is recorded at the end of each of his lap or laps.  His final lap is recorded when he hands off the baton.
Immediately after recording Runner 3's  last lap(at handoff)  ,Record Runner 4
 Runner 4 is recorded at the end of each of his laps and at the end of the race..

Because all runners will never have all laps the race will not stop automatically, When the race is finsihed you must select STOP.
The race will end and record the times.
DO NOt sort the screen during  relay races. 
BY selecting RELAY from the Menu Bar

The results report will have 3 laps for each runner(in the 4 x 800)
Lap 1 and Lap 2 will have data on Runner 1
Lap 1 ,Lap 2 and Lap 3 will have data for the next 3 Runners.
Lap 2 and Lap 3 will show the Lap and Split times for these Runners .
Lap 1 will show the Split time at each handoff for these Runners
The Final times will be the time at each hand off and the Final for the last runner.

4 x 800 Relay               
Boys 4/15/2005               
Ballard Vs Woodinville               
Name            Final            Lap1           Lap2            Lap3
Zack               2:15         1:10/1:10    1:05/2:15   
Doug             4:35          2:15/2:15    1:10/3:25     1:10/4:35
Brad               6:40         4:35/4:35    1:05/5:40      1:00/6:40
Mason           8:50         6:40/6:40    1:10/7:50      1:00/8:50
Alex                2:30         1:10/1:10    1:20/2:30   
Ryan              5:20         2:30/2:30    1:20/3:50     1:20/5:20
Noah             7:30         5:20/5:20    1:00/6:20      1:10/7:30
Andrew          9:30         7:30/7:30    1:00/8:30     1:00/9:30




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A printer-friendly PDF version of this information can be downloaded here.

More complete instructions covering File transfer, Data retrieval and Synchronization can be found  here.

A complete Zip File of all faqs/setup and descritpions for Pocket TEam Timer and Team Timer Office can be downloaded here

Feel free to contact us with any questions, problems, ideas or comments.