Pocket Trainer helps you set up and time repetitive training drills by capturing separate times for each athlete's drill rep and recording these times in CSV or HTML format. Athletes can be timed individually or as part of a group and times per rep can be single-shot or elapsed.

Pocket Trainer opens up new, flexible possibilities in timing performance in a fast, lightweight and use to use format for your Pocket PC or Windows XP/Vista systems.


Start Pocket Trainer. The software will start up and display the timing screen. If people have been added to the roster, their names appear on the left side of the screen and their own clock listed to the right of their name.

Clocks are controlled through clicking. Click once and the clock starts. Click a second time on a running clock and the clock stops. See the FILE/SETTINGS menu if you would like a third click to resume timing.

In the factory default setting clocks act like one shot timers for each rep; the third click is ignored. All clocks are independent but tick at the same rate by design.

The PAGE menu helps you navigate through pages if the roster starts growing.

Outdoors? Try a different color combination from the THEMES menu. Readability can be improved by bolding the text using FILE/SETTINGS as well.


From the FILE menu you can:
  • CREATE Reports to save the drill timing data to a report. Reports are saved under My Documents, in .CSV and .HTML format so you can read on the Pocket PC and copied to the desktop.
  • MANAGE Roster to add, remove and prioritize athletes.
  • SETTINGS to fine tune the program's settings.
  • EXIT the program.
From the CLOCK menu you can:
  • START SELECTED starts the clocks for selected athletes. The START button below the roster is a quick shortcut to this functionality as well.
  • INVERT SELECTION toggles back and forth selecting or deselecting the entire roster.
  • SELECT Untimed helps identify people with zero time.
  • NEXT REP records everyone's times for the current rep, lap or interval, then resets all clocks for the next rep, lap or interval. The + REP button below the roster is a quick shortcut to this functionality as well.
From the PAGE menu you can:
  • Scroll through the NEXT and PREVIOUS pages as the roster grows. Pocket Trainer supports a maximum roster size of 50 athletes.
From the THEME menu you can choose from four different screen color themes to improve visibility and readability under varied lighting conditions.


Pocket Trainer is designed to provide a simple interface to capture times for groups of athletes performing successive drill or rep workouts.


Group reps or laps
  • Select a group of athletes from the roster displayed by clicking on their names. A color highlight bar will indicate your selection.
  • Click the START button to start the clocks for the selected athletes.
  • Click each athlete's (running) clock to stop the clock as they complete the task.
  • Select the next group and click START again to start this second group.
  • Repeat as many times as desired.
  • CREATE a report from the FILE menu.
  • You will have a report of each athlete's times for the drill performed.
  • This method will time groups of athletes in one repetition of a drill. Multiple reps can be timed by click the + REP button to reset all clocks for the next rep before generating any reports. A maximum of 35 reps are supported.


Squad Reps or intervals
  • Select the entire list of athletes by clicking ALL.
  • Start the clocks of the selected athletes by clicking START.
  • Click each athlete's (running) clock to stop the clock as they complete the task.
  • Repeat to the desired number of reps.
  • CREATE a report from the FILE menu.
  • This method will allow repeat interval timing. You will have a report of each athlete's time in each lap of the interval workout. A maximum of 35 reps are supported.


Delayed start
  • Selectively highlight the athletes ready to start on signal.
  • Start the selected athletes' clocks via START.
  • On the same signal, click the athlete's clock to start their time as the athlete starts.
  • Repeat for every athlete until the last athlete has started.
  • Click each athlete's (running) clock to stop the clock as they complete the task.
  • CREATE a report from the FILE menu.
  • Click + REP to reset the clocks and start timing the next rep. The current rep number is displayed adjacent to the button below the roster.


  • Roster opens automatically eliminating FILE/OPEN
  • New integrated roster management
  • The REP button and rep count have been split out for readability
  • New settings to support bolding of text
  • Larger fonts, layout for desktop version (helps readability)
  • Improved support Windows XP & Vista visual themes
  • Newly designed program documentation
  • Fix for small memory leak


    Pocket Trainer is designed to provide simple and fast access to your roster to time repetitive workouts through a fast, lightweight and intuitive design.

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